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Cross River

After the acquisition of Seed, I moved into the role of Product Design Director at Cross River. Below are some highlights from the work I did as a heavy individual contributor. I also built and managed the product design team.

Small Business Lending

I was responsible for moving the process of applying for and reviewing small business loans from an offline workflow to an efficient and elegant online experience.

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Business Banking

I designed the end-to-end solution for opening and managing business deposit accounts. This included a responsive web-based application flow and account management app as well as an internal admin tool.

Design System

Expanding upon a vague and dated marketing brand guide, I developed a product design language and extensive set of web components—ensuring all products pass accessibility contrast ratio requirements. This language and library was overwhelmingly well-received across the organization, and is now used for all Cross River products.

Landing Pages

Economic shifts and crises require banks to respond quickly to meet customer needs. With my interest and experience in quickly designing and coding exceptional static marketing sites and landing pages, I was often the resource to get pages up and running.

During the pandemic, I was privileged to design and build our Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) site for collecting loan applications from businesses in their time of need. Within 4 hours of launching the site, 1,125 applications were submitted, totaling ~$422M in funding requests. Cross River ended up distributing $6.5B+ in PPP funds, making them Chase's closest local rival and the fourth largest PPP lender by loan volume.

I also launched marketing microsites for a high-yield savings product and business banking.

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