Portland, Oregon based designer & front-end web developer, Josh Holloran...

The Director

In addition to designing & developing, I enjoy playing to others' strengths, helping some refine their craft, and organizing teams to build great products. I have a history of recruiting, managing, and growing design teams in a variety of environments...


Design Director

I'm currently leading design efforts for the 2015 YCombinator graduate, Seed. We're determined to bring business banking into the modern era, making it easy to do things like open an account online, pay bills, get paid, and use a banking website and mobile app that don't make you want to pull your hair out. Designing a new kind of bank, and building a team to support it, continues to be an exciting new challenge for me.

Meridian Apps

UI/UX Design Lead

I helped build Portland startup Meridian Apps from the ground up. We were acquired by this publicly-traded network infrastructure bohemeth. I managed a team of product designers and was fortunate enough to hand select and recruit them myself. We worked to improve design on a variety of platforms for all Aruba Networks software products.


Art Director / Creative Lead

Papercloud is a digital agency in Melbourne, Australia. I collaborated with them remotely for four years, developing design languages, creating brands, and providing creative direction to a team of digital producers on native & web apps, as well as large-scale digital branding campaigns.


Senior UI/UX Designer

Now HomeAdvisor, this Colorado-based tech startup afforded me the opportunity to manage my first design team of UX, marketing, and print designers. It was also my first foray into intensely data-driven design and conversion-centric UX.