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Advanced Stock Monitoring & Alerts

Keep an eye on investments without lifting a finger.

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Monitor both Stocks & Options

Monitor up to 5 stocks for free. Create an account to add even more!

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1Hut Stocks takes the hassle out of monitoring your Options as well. Start by adding 5 for free.

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All of the following exchanges are currently supported

Choose unique alert types for each Stock or Option you monitor

  • Trailing Stop

    Receive alerts if the stock price falls a “Threshold” below the “Protection High”.

  • Fixed Price

    Receive alerts whenever the stock price crosses a “Fixed Alert Price”.

  • Technical Analysis

    Coming Soon!

    Receive alerts if Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur.

  • Technical Analysis Plus

    Coming Soon!

    Receive alerts whenever Curabitur blandit tempus porttitor magna.

Get timely alerts with
up-to-the-minute market data

  • Market Data

  • 1Hut Stocks servers running 24/7

  • 1Hut Stocks app

Relax and let 1Hut Stocks keep watch.

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